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Sex Toys and Accessories To Use to Spice Up Your Sex Life


Indeed, it can be boring to follow the same sexual pattern constantly. Do you not wish to spice up your sexual life by making it more intense?

If yes, you have come to the right place. Find below a list of sex toys and accessories you can use to spice things up concerning your sex life.



Here are the Sex Toys and Accessories to Use to Make Your Partner More Aroused



Handcuffs are probably the most used sex toy globally. If you have never tried it on your partner, you undoubtedly need to try getting it now.

You can use it while doing role plays such as one partner is a thief, and the other is a policeman. Afterward, the role play follows by arresting your partner for being a sexy criminal and eventually handcuffing them and doing all the things they wish for.


There exist thousands of sexual vibrators globally. If you wish to tease your partner before going into the penetration phase, you can consider purchasing some excellent sex vibrators to do so.

Additionally, you can easily purchase them on online websites such as or


BDSM includes bondage, and one partner needs to be submissive while the other will be the dominant one. In other words, it’s almost similar to what you saw in the movie Fifty Shades of Grey.

However, you need to ask your partner about the restriction and rules before starting it. It’s also a wise option to set a red alert code; for example, you can say “red flower” as a code to stop when you feel pain.

Roleplays Costume

If you wish to fulfill your partner’s desire, why not fulfill it to the fullest?

Suppose your partner always wished for role plays such as a sexy nurse is coming to offer him some help. You can try finding a sexy nurse outfit and fulfill your partner’s desire.